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So Why Paddle Out With Us?

Whether you’re starting a 10,000 mile journey or just cruisin’ for the nearest grocery store…

No matter if you’re on safari with friends and family or on a solo expedition…

We at Sound Surfers believe your travels should be safe, exciting, and fun for everyone! Here are just a few reasons why we feel that our beach is the best:

  • 36+ years experience surfin’ the waves of IT – including hardware, software, and customer service.
  • Easy-to-use products. You won’t need a degree in hyper-astro-GPS-nanotechnology to enjoy yourself.  Our products are entertaining, educational and use all the latest and greatest tech on the inside…but you’ll be downloading and using them on GPS device faster than you can say "Cowabunga!"
  • All products come with easy-to-follow download and usage instructions.
  • Our products are rated “E” for everyone. Sound Surfers is a multi-generational company – from silver-surfers (those are grandparents) to young grommets (little dudes and dudettes) – and we believe in family.  We know how important it is to share life’s experiences with the people you care about.  And that’s why you won’t find any dirty, foul, or inappropriate language in our products.
  • Our world-class voiceover talent is in-house and 100% original. You deserve the best in entertainment, and Sound Surfers promises to give you maximum value without resorting to parodies, knock-off celebrity voices, or copies.
  • Suggestions for TomTom or Garmin GPS voice bundles are welcomed!  Got an idea for a voice you just have to hear on your TomTom or Garmin GPS?  Yup, we can do that!
  • In addition to original voices, our technology is cutting edge. Seriously.  We’ve worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest graphic design talent at Worker Studio to develop the coolest and most innovative 3D vehicle icons available!
  • Our voice bundles support Garmin GPS, TomTom GPS, Android technology (with applicable App) and the Garmin Asus G-phone with no modification.
  • We are an officially certified third-party developer of Garmin voice scripts.