"Ready for Your Garmin, TomTom or Android GPS to Say Something a Little More...Well...You?"

from Sound Surfers, LLC


Technology should make traveling easier and entertaining...not boring.  At Sound Surfers, we believe the spirit of adventure goes hand-in-hand with fun! And our original, one-of-a-kind, turn-by-turn gps voice bundles, created just for your Garmin, TomTom or Android GPS device will have you arriving in style! We not only entertain you but in most of our "random phrases" we give historical and relevant facts about each of our gps characters and or the environment in which they live! Fun, entertaining and educational!  Check em out!

Choose from 15 original, high-quality GPS voices and icons!

Wanna hear your name coming from your Garmin or TomTom GPS? That's as easy as riding a totally righteous wave!  Just email us by filling out the information on our Feedback page and we will accommodate you by using our cutting-edge sound studio for the ultimate in GPS personalization! (This procedure may not work on all Garmin or TomTom GPS devices. Sound Surfers reserves the right not to publish or record lewd statements, names or pictures of any kind cause we're rated "E" for everyone!)

Either way you go, our pioneering products — developed together for Garmin and for TomTom — are guaranteed to download and work with ease. We'll handle all the technical aspects of transforming your TomTom or Garmin GPS from that boring little box suction-cupped to your windshield into the cool, entertaining and educational gadget you always knew it should be!  But don't take our word for it.  Check out the totally righteous applause we're getting from other fellow travelers:


-J. Wagner, Mound, MN-

"I bought the East Coast Eddie [gps voice bundle for my Garmin GPS] but clicked on the wrong button. The Chief Creative Director emailed me very quickly and called me a couple of times to correct the problem which I had created. I am very impressed with the service and can recommend this company to anyone! They have excellent [GPS voice bundle] products also."

-Brian and Carey J., Bend, Or-

"My wife and I purchased [Gps voice bundle] Prospector Pete and were really impressed with the history facts of gold mining in the 1800's!  That was an interesting way of handling the random phrases on our Nuvi!!  We also purchased Surfer Dude and were laughing so hard at the random phrases we had to pull over!  We HIGHLY recommend these voice bundles!  Thanks Sound Surfers for a very unique and innovative product!

-Cliff and Karen S., Wilmington, NC-

[Gps voice bundles]"Steel Magnolia and Eastcoast Eddie are great additions to our Garmin NUVI 255W!  Their voices add a touch of humor to the driving experience and customizing the displayed vehicles to match each voice is an ingenious touch!  We love it!"

-Sean D., Pueblo, CO-

"Sound Surfer's custom voices and icons for my Garmin GPS rock my Face!"

-Marina G., Lake Tahoe, CA-

"My Sound Surfers voice and vehicle icon packages [Gps voice bundles] were super easy to download — one click and it's done.  Not only that, but the voice and vehicle icon packages sound great and are so much fun, they're the first thing I show people when they get in my car."

-Keith A., Denver, CO-

"My daughter loves to hear her name coming from our Garmin Nuvi 1350 GPS!  I don't mind turning down my radio to listen to the GPS give me directions anymore — a highpicture of gps owner with device and sound surfers gps voices quality product from an innovative, customer-friendly company.  I highly recommend these products to anyone who wants a little more personality from their GPS!"

So when you're ready to put some fun back into traveling...EXPLORE OUR VOICE BUNDLE PACKAGES FOR YOUR GPS or...

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN...and get ready to catch the next wave of adventure in your life.  Click HERE to get started.  Happy surfing!


Surfer Dude and the Sound Surfers Team!

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**NOTE: For Garmin owners your computer MUST have the latest version of the Garmin Communicator Plugin installed before attempting to download ANY GPS voices or voice bundles.  The Garmin Communicator Plugin which is a free download allows your GPS and the computer to communicate with each another.**